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Les Ateliers de Macha
In the form of weekly activities or one-day event, in small groups or all together, Les Ateliers de Macha aim to bring imagination to the rational and enrich sensitivity. To offer brends, enterprises or strategies a more emotional aspect. To dare reason in a more "transversal" manner, to seek to.
The workshops' aim is to awaken the "creative potential" that we all have. At the close of each workshop an individual or collective conception is created on the basis of a given theme.

Macha Brodsky

Macha Brodsky studied and graduated from the ISG (Institut Supérieur de Gestion-Management) and was an amateur illustrator and sculptor. She began her career developing new products for Sanofi and spent over 10 years working for Publicis where she developed new brands for l'Oreal whilst freelancing for her purely creative work. Making use of her awareness of training and coaching, she amalgamated her knowledge of businesses and the pleasure she has in passing on knowledge by creating the Ateliers de Macha.


Geneviève Chéry

Geneviève Chéry is a multifaceted artist who is constantly innovating. As a painter she builds bridges between France and Japan. Rather than teaching graphical technicalities, Geneviève Chéry runs workshops that guide us trough creative adventures, routes and universes where one's desire is the driving force. For her, artistic creativity means freedom, autonomy, and self-discovery. Geneviève's team of artistes and teachers come from different parts of the world but share a common passion and talent.